Der Verein Villa Romana

Association of Villa Romana e.V.

The patron of the Villa Romana and founder of the Villa Romana Prize is the registered non-profit association Villa Romana e.V. The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media is the largest sponsor since 2021. The association is also funded by private sponsors - companies, foundations and private individuals.

Executive Committee

Dr. Brigitte Oetker (Chairman)
Michael Münch (Treasurer)
Lanna Idriss
Markus Müller
Olaf Nicolai

Villa Romana e.V.
Postfach 330762
D-14177 Berlin

Foerderer der Villa Romana

The Villa Romana is an artists’ house which encourages the production and exchange of art. Every year it provides the Villa Romana fellows with a stipend as well as with a wide network of contacts in the art world, in Germany, Italy and internationally. Through exhibitions and events Villa Romana appears in public both locally and internationally.