15 May 2017


Albert Heta
Summer School as School

7.30 pm

The Hajde! exchange programme, which was initiated in 2014 by the artist Petrit Halilaj, to foster the exchange with the young art scene in Kosovo, takes place for the third time at Villa Romana. From May 12 to 24, the painter Faton Mazreku (born in 1990) will live and work as international guest artist in Via Senese.

On the occasion of Mazreku’s residency, Albert Heta, artist and curator from Prishtina, who has been collaborating with Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina since 2006, will present this year's Summer School as School program.
Summer School as School is an art and schooling platform, based in Prishtina (Kosovo), with collaborating partners in Ljubljana, New York, Belgrade, Vienna, Oslo, Skopje, and Sarajevo.

With Summer School as School, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina and partner institutions have created a unique collaborative international educational platform based in Prishtina, as a progressing model; developing an interdisciplinary curriculum and engaging practitioners from the region and beyond in sharing knowledge and expertise with international students and the public.
Originally inspired by the case of Kosovo, where the education system was structured in the mid-1970s, Summer School as School is designed to unite and disseminate critical knowledge and address relevant challenges of today, implementing new models and possibilities in art education and artistic collaboration.

The program for 2017 is structured as a hub with nine courses, combining theory-based and production classes, public lectures and presentations, guided tours, exhibitions and performances, producing a unique experience for participants and the public. The faculty of Summer School as School 2017 includes Boris Buden, Triple Canopy, Yane Calovski, Beatriz Colomina, Keti Chukhrov, Adrian Deva, Patricia Falguières, Rike Frank, Felix Gmelin, Petrit Halilaj, Sami Khatib, Vjollca Krasniqi, Christian Rattemeyer, Bernard Rüdiger, Jovana Stokić, Nebojsa Milikić, Miran Mohar, Marina Otero, Renaud Proch, Branimir Stojanović, among others.

Additional information about the program is available here:

Albert Heta is an artist, curator, designer and social critic based in Prishtina. Heta’s works in contemporary art are often simple acts of intervention in an existing social condition, responses to a given situation, or rethinking of existing objects. His notable works It’s time to go visiting: No visa required, a public intervention on British Airways billboards in Prishtina (2003); Embassy of the Republic of Kosova in Cetinje, SCG (2004) for the Cetinje Biennale, curated by René Block and Nataša Ilić; and his Kosovar Pavilion Venice Biennial 2005 (2005); distributed in collaboration with e-flux, are not merely the installations or acts of appropriation, but also acts of engagement with the conditions under which the works were accepted by the curators, media, politicians, and the public. Since 2006, his work is also channeled through a collaborative intervention, project institution Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina.