24 May 2018

Finissage and performance

Moussa Sarr
Narcisse - Stranger everywhere

Thursday, 24 May, at 7.30 pm

rosa murales

exhibition view

photo: Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio

Do you speak Pelistic?
Lesson #1

On the occasion of the finissage of his exhibition Narcisse - Stranger everywhere, Narcisse gives a first lesson in his language Pelistic. The more people speak Pelistic, the more Narcisse can communicate.
The language course is public and free of charge.

The artist is dead, long live Narcisse as the artist’s creation. On 29 March Moussa Sarr - currently on a scholarship at the renowned Villa Medici in Rome - performed his own public cremation in the garden there. Those who entered the artist’s studio afterwards met Narcisse, the stranger who does not yet know himself. He is searching for a language. He is developing a language: Pelistic.

Narcisse´s exhibition at the Villa Romana will feature several videos and a documentary film on the recent cremation of his former self. The present and future belong to the newborn Narcisse and his new language. The more people learn Pelistic - his alphabet, his words, grammar, tenses, pronouns, etc. - the more he can communicate. Pelistic is the language of strangers. Narcisse wears mirrored sunglasses made from stone. He is a reflection of society and can turn any object into art. During his performance at the Villa Romana, Narcisse will reflect himself many times over. Who is he? Who are the others?