10 Oct 2015


Jacopo Mazzetti
A Bed is A Door #6 - Valeria Brenna

Transformations of the Body in Psycopathology and in Ecstasy

Part I: Psychopathology and mental health
Dr Valeria Brenna

The polarities of mind and body, human and natural, normality and pathology inhabit that complex, open field with fluid boundaries that is the workings of our minds, a land that has always been explored but never definitively conquered. Memories from art or literature, symbolic or imagined suggestions and psychopathological definitions give life to the bestiary, cultivate the herbarium of somatic experiences that people recount when they fall ill. Mental distress is presented as a subjective event, the communication of an idea of illness that flows from the body, at times embracing nature.

Part II: Evolutionary transitions
Jacopo Mazzetti

In general terms, the subtle or extra-subtle body is defined as any kind of structure beyond the body that coexists with the physical structure with which all living beings are endowed. Like a vine, this body is capable of growing within and developing into an exoskeleton, broadening the capacity of human perception into the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Similarly, developments in the field of artificial neural networks are achieving new levels of abstraction and interaction with reality. The synergistic use of these two macro-systems determines a state of self-control, insight and clarity that influences every aspect of life, from nourishment (instantaneous becoming) to sexuality (genetic becoming), increasing the quality of pleasure and reproductive possibilities. From conception to production and circulation, the material of a work of art passes through similar mechanisms: in the states of vision and ecstasy, the artist's body tests its own perceptive limits, through which he breathes life into the material. Thus, through their works of art, artists work more while dead than while alive.

Valeria Brenna, psychologist and psychotherapist, works as a consultant at the Department of Mental Health, Salvini Hospital, and has a private practice in Milan. She has been working with mental distress, disorders of the perinatal period and the psychology of gender for many years.

Jacopo Mazzetti earned his degree at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan, in 2011, and completed his specialisation at Camberwell College in London. His artistic practice aims to create situations in which revelatory levels of consciousness and conditions of both individual and collective intimacy can be attained.

A Bed Is A Door is an itinerant project conceived by Jacopo Mazzetti as a space designed for containing and storing the sleep of artists, musicians, and researchers. The project seeks to foster the possibilities offered by lucid dreams to experience a reality that is not determined by the laws of physics, opening a small hidden door to the primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego can ever reach.