The Villa Romana in Florence

Villa Romana, based in Florence, is a place of contemporary artistic production and international exchange.

Since 1905, the Villa Romana Fellows, who are awarded annually, have been living and working here. During their stay they network with international guest artists and the regional and Italian art scene. Over the course of decades, the Villa Romana has thus become a unique, dynamic and committed interface for artistic production and discussion between Germany, Italy and the entire Mediterranean region.

Like hardly any other foreign cultural institute, Villa Romana collaborates with Italian and international partners and practices from Italy a transcontinental dialogue between Europe and Africa. Competencies, cultural differences and personal biographies are networked in cooperation with the regional environment (museums, art academies, universities and partners in other disciplines).

The Villa Romana is a hospitable, interdisciplinary and communicative house, which is frequented annually by many international artists, curators, critics and visitors. It was founded 118 years ago by artists and patrons of the arts to provide a platform for independent exchange. To this day, it is run by a non-profit German association, which numerous artists actively support through cooperation and membership.

Renaissance resistance. Resistance renaissance. Renaissance resistance. Resistance renaissance., Performance by Liz Glynn, 2013

Linda Spjut and Sophie Reinhold, Stress of Sensation, 2012

Radio Papesse, Fuori Radio | Open Studios on air, 2014

Paolo Fabiani, Janet Mullarney, Exploration…of what…, 2019

Alvaro Urbano, The Show, the Ghost and the Host, permanent installation, 2014

Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti, Bellows, Open Studios, 2014