Stefan Pente

make. you. find. it.

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Workshop Invitation /// a mini workshop with clay for max 10 participants
Deadline for subscription: 9 November 2017

Workshop held by Stefan Pente - visual artist, performer - Villa Romana Fellow 2017

11 November 2017, Studio Stefan Pente (Villetta), Villa Romana

„I sometimes work with clay. Clay consists of water, tiny particles of carbon and minerals, aluminum and silicon, sodium and potassium—products of rocks disintegrating over millions of years. The very piece of clay sitting on my desk while I write these lines is millions of years old and resonates with the subtle remains and memories of the beauty of a planet that was not yet populated by humans. I’m attracted to that memory in the material.
Unburned or burned and glazed and then combined with other things it becomes part of some of my sculptures. I also use clay to take notes other than with words. I visualize thoughts as bodies and spaces. Molding clay is a means to broaden my vocabulary of thinking. This is what this workshop will be about. Finding form behind the edge of ones own vocabulary. The German word for inventing, erfinden, is so perfect to describe what I mean. It is a sort of finding that doesn’t happen by chance or by search but through the adjustment of framework conditions that calls something unpredictable to emerge.
To encounter the strange thing that is too unfamiliar to have actually arisen from under my hands is the encounter I strive for.

In this 4 - 5 hour workshop we will mold clay under adjusted framework conditions.
The workshop will be held in English. Wear something that can get a little bit dusty."


13 pm
13.30 - 17 pm
reflection and group discussion

To register, please contact us on facebook or send a message to:
Deadline for subscription: 9 November 2017

This project was carried out within the context of Toscana in Contemporanea e Giovani sì, supported by di Regione Toscana.