24 Nov 2009


for the Villa Romana Fellows 2009
Olivier Foulon, Kalin Lindena, Eske Schlüters, Benjamin Yavuzsoy

Fest * Festa * Party * Fête

7 pm

Screening Stage of Desire

arranged by Petra Reichensperger, Stefan Panhans and Eske Schlüters

Guy Ben-Ner, Second Nature, 2008, video, 10:12 min
courtesy: Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin
Keren Cytter, Der Spiegel, 2007, Video, 4:50 min Ming Wong, Angst Essen, 2008, video, 27:00 min
Ho Tzu Nyen, The Bohemian Rhapsody Project, 2006, video, 6:20 min
Judith Hopf / Deborah Schamoni / Clemens Schönborn, Elevator Curator, 2005 video, 20:00 min
courtesy: the artists & Croy Nielsen, Berlin
Deborah Ligorio, Donut to Spiral, 2004, video, 7:00 min
courtesy: the artist & Francesca Minini, Milan
Stefan Panhans, If a store clerk gave me too much change, 2009, 15 min,
courtesy Olaf Stüber und Stefan Panhans

9 pm

Couscous: Edoardo Malagigi Babel's tower

Edoardo Malagigi Babel's tower, 9 pm
four cereals cous cous, carrots, white onions, courgettes, peppers, olive oil, low-fat yogurt, minced mint, lemon, taini, butter, egg white.
Al-bunduqiyya Kollektion (kuratiert von Celcilia Tirelli)
Note to tasting: A dish to become part of a cultural exchange between cultures which are different in tastes, flavours and fragrances but have always looked at each other, appreciated and loved one another through the years.

11 pm

Konzert Gioacchino Turu e Vanessa V.