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Voicing the Two Ends of Migration

a three-part exhibition in Berlin
FREIRAUM in der Box
ifa-Galerie Berlin

rosa murales

installation view ifa Galerie Berlin

rosa murales

Ifa Galerie Berlin: Johanna Bramble, Fils a Fils, 2019, Fabrice Monteiro, Migrant type french colonial empire, 2018 (series HERO)

rosa murales

Ifa Galerie Berlin: Mario Pfeifer, Backways, 2019

rosa murales

Ifa Galerie Berlin: Lerato Shadi, Batho ba ha ba tlhaloganye, 2019

rosa murales

Ifa Galerie Berlin: Judith Raum, Primes, 2019

rosa murales

Freiraum in der Box: Alberto Amoretti & Giovanni Hänninnen, People of Tamba, 2016

rosa murales

Freiraum in der Box: Aliou Badou‘ Diack, Ghost 54, 2018

rosa murales

ACUD Galerie: Leone Contini, Trümmerberg, 2019, Patrick Joel Tatcheda Jonkeu, Versi di Vetro, 2018

rosa murales

Opening ACUD MACHT NEU: Negga Dou Tamba

photos: Victoria Tomaschko

Two years ago, the artists´ residencies at Villa Romana, Florence and Thread in Sinthian, south-east Senegal, began a cooperative project on the migration route between Africa and Europe. The fundamental idea of the project was to examine the lack of common narratives at the two end points of migrational flux. Last year, 13 artists travelled to and carried out research in Sinthian and Florence. What is the rationale behind this lack of communication and the asymmetrical relationship between the two continents? How can artists acquire, reflect on and interpret these narratives?

The Tambacounda region, in which Sinthian is located, has the highest rate of migration in West Africa and is a crossing point on the route that passes into Mali and Libya. For many years, tens of thousands of people of Moroccan, Senegalese and Nigerian descent have lived in Tuscany. Italy’s African diaspora also includes the more than 300,000 migrants who have arrived in the country in recent years. Many of them had a different idea of what awaited them in Europe.

The works created during these reciprocal visits in 2018 are now being shown in a three-part exhibition at ifa Gallery Berlin, ACUD MACHT NEU and FREIRAUM in der BOX. They deal with the devastating effects of colonialism and capitalism, centuries of racist exclusion, and with traditions and knowledge that oppose ongoing unilateral assertions and promote friendship and mutual exchange.

FREIRAUM in der Box
Opening: Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 7 pm
Welcome: Carolina Mojto, director Freiraum in der Box
Introduction: NEGGA DOU TAMBA (rapper, artist and activist, Tambacounda) talks about the migration crisis in Tambacounda and his experiences at Thread.
Afterwards talks with the participating artists

with Aliou (Badou) Diack, Giovanni Hänninen & Alberto Amoretti, Mohamed Keita, Patrick Joel Tatcheda Yonkeu und Justin Randolph Thompson

exhibition: 11 July - 17 August 2019
Wednesday - Saturday, 2 - 7 pm
Boxhagener Straße 96 (rear courtyard), 10245 Berlin

ifa-Galerie Berlin
Opening: Thursday, 11 July 2019, 7 pm
Welcome: Ronald Grätz, Secretary General ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) and Inka Gressel, director ifa-Galerie Berlin.
Introduction to the exhibition with Angelika Stepken, Director Villa Romana, Florenz und NEGGA DOU TAMBA, rapper, artist and activist, Tambacounda.

with Johanna Bramble, Aliou (Badou) Diack, Juan Pablo Macías, Fabrice Monteiro, Mario Pfeifer, Judith Raum, Lerato Shadi

exhibition: 12 July - 18 August 2019
Tuesday - Sunday, 2 - 6 pm
Linienstraße 139 /140, 10115 Berlin

Opening: Friday, 12 July, 6 pm
8 pm: music performance Jumpin’ from the Towel, Justin Randolph Thompson, Florence and afterwards concert with NEGGA DOU TAMBA, Tambacounda

with Leone Contini, Fabrice Monteiro, Patrick Joel Tatcheda Yonkeu

exhibition: 13 July - 3 August 2019
Thursday - Sunday, 2 - 7 pm
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

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