14 May 2020

Open Call - Scuola Popolare in the garden of Villa Romana

All the things that have made up the work of the artist's house Villa Romana in recent years - being an open place of encounter and exchange between people and artists from the most diverse backgrounds - are now impossible under the prescribed conditions of the pandemic fight. We cannot travel everywhere, cannot invite external guests. We cannot open exhibitions together, we cannot organize lectures, festivals, symposia. We cannot dine together at long tables and talk and laugh. Various basic civil rights are temporarily suspended with the Corona pandemic.

We are looking for new formats and questions in order to maintain, expand, change and share the space for art with all of you.
We are rescaling.  We practice locally and regionally. We address individuals. We invite artists / activists /practitioners and thinkers from artistic /social /urban /ecological /political fields to share, discuss and exchange ideas.

Let us talk to each other, let us listen,  let us look at:  the pandemic, the sciences, Europe, the climate, memory, the economy, the sound, agriculture, living beings, age, language, tourism, neighbourhoods, monocultures, hierarchies and exclusions, responsibilities, desires, commonalities...

The garden of Villa Romana is one and a half hectares in size. We respect hygiene distances and disinfection measures without falling silent. We want to continue the exchange about individual experiences, artistic practices, intellectual challenges and political conditions - in a form that is now possible.

From June we will open the garden for the Villa Romana Scuola Popolare during the day. If you who want to actively participate in the program with a contribution /theme /work, please send us a brief written text with your proposal (what is it about, what will be presented, which equipment and materials are needed?)

Please write to us until 31 May 2020 to

We will then draw up a calendar for the summer and autumn weeks. We will provide the necessary technical equipment, wo/man power and can take over modest expenses and fees if required. We will communicate and organize what you want to contribute.

Instead of one big event, we are now talking about many small meetings, lessons and conversations that may change our practice.

Recommended reading
SARA-COV-2 or the encounter with ourselves
an essay by Bernd Scherer, Director of the House of World Cultures in Berlin