27 Nov 2022

Empty flat on 1st floor


7 hours exhibition and party

Sunday November 27, from 12 am –7 pm

Dear Friends,

on Sunday, November 27th, we’d like to celebrate these past sixteen wonderful years with you all—all the many collaborations and encounters we’ve had, the abundance of artistic projects and conversations and shared experiences.

We’d like to invite all of you to present your works for the brief interlude of a single day. (1) When we look back, we see thousands of extraordinary moments lived day by day in a collective; we see critical research, courageous artistic statements, unique collaborations, guests from all over the world, shifts in perspective, and a huge network of friendship and mutual respect.

We invite you all to come together one more time on Sunday beginning at 12 am: to talk, eat and drink, exchange ideas and encourage one another, and to celebrate your exhibition.

We’ll collect all images of the day and give you an USB stick as a gift – if you wish. Let’s all live on in independent thinking, in the freedom of dissent, of imagination and solidarity, wherever we are. And let’s remain in touch with one other beyond any institutional politics.

Please add our personal email addresses to your mailing list!

Looking forward to embrace you all.
Angelika, Davood, Luca

(1) Please contact us soon: office
Installing of works on 22 – 25 November.