Performances and Presentations
Acous-Coustic Session #01 at Villa Romana
Zineb Achoubie and Lorenzo Sandoval, Rubèn d'Hers, Sergio Zevallos

Presentation by:

Zineb Achoubie, Artist, Guest Artist Villa Romana
Lorenzo Sandoval, Artist and Curator, Guest Artist Villa Romana

Wednesday 27 March 2024
7 - 9:30pm

With performances by:

Rubèn d'Hers, Artist, Villa Romana Fellow 2024

Sergio Zevallos, Artist, Villa Romana Fellow 2024

We are pleased to invite you to Acous-Coustic Session #01 at Villa Romana an evening of presentations and performances by guest artists Zineb Achoubie and Lorenzo Sandoval on 27 March at 7 pm.

The first presentation of Acous-coustic Session is part of Zineb Acoubie & Lorenzo Sandoval project Acous/Eco/Oikos. The project researches the relationship between acoustics, domesticity and circular economy trhough the use of textile production and modular systems. The Acous-Coustic Sessions are moments of introducing the steps in development of the project. For these sessions, the artists are planning encounters with other practitioners to present the project, set collaborative environments and create domestic situations of conviviality around a shared cous cous and sound interventions in the space.

With intervention by Villa Romana 2024 Fellow artists Rubén D’hers and Sergio Zevallos.

The activations will be followed by a shared cous-cous meal.


Zineb Achoubie is a Beaux-Arts College graduate in interior design, transitioned into weaving after two years in the field. Her journey continued at the Royal Academy of Traditional Arts, where she explored the rich tapestry of Amazigh culture through dedicated research since 2018. Currently, she manages a weaving cooperative in the High Atlas. Zineb Achoubie has been working on national and international art scenes through exhibitions and participation in art projects. Her research is focused on gestures, materials, and colors link to the traditional technologies of textiles making and the performative aspects around them, like storytelling and sound. Achoubie is the founder of Azur, a Moroccan textile laboratory bringing heritage and ancestry in relation with contemporary culture production.

Lorenzo Sandoval works as an artist, filmmaker and curator. He was part of Canine Wisdom for the Barking Dog at Dak'art 2018. He was part of the Miracle Workers Collective representing Finland in the Venice Biennale 2019, and showed Shadow Writing (Algorithm/Quipu) at Gotheborg Biennale the same year. He presented the film (Fábrica Colectiva) at IVAM Alcoi. With Tono Vízcaino, produced Industria for IVAM in 2021. Sandoval currently works on his film project That summer of ‘22. Since 2015, Sandoval runs The Institute for Endotic Research, which opened as a venue in 2018.

Rubén D’hers is a Venezuelan artist based in Berlin. Moving across music, sound installation, and painting he examines stationary sounds from the domestic environment, both trying to unveil their potential as found musical material and investigating how they can appeal to our involuntary auditory imagery. He holds an MFA in Sound Studies from the Berlin University of Arts, a BFA in Media Art & Design from the Bauhaus University Weimar, and in Painting from the Cristóbal Rojas Technical School of Visual Arts in Venezuela.

Sergio Zevallos is a multidisciplinary artist living and working between Lima and Berlin. He was co-founder of Grupo Chaclacayo, a collective of the 1980s that dealt with the intersection of religion, gender, and armed conflicts. In 1989 the group migrated to Germany until it dissolved in 1994. Zevallos works on issues of transcultural identity, gender, and the relationship between the individual and power, or between intimacy and the codes of institutionality. A basic concept for his work is the hybrid, both in the organic and sexual sense, as well as in the theoretical and conceptual. He mostly uses images and texts of public circulation, press, popular magazines or educational books for installations, photographs, drawings, performances, and sound compositions.

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