The Villa Romana in Florence

The Villa Romana is a place of contemporary artistic production and of international exchange. Only ten minutes away from the city centre of Florence it combines the peacefulness of a neoclassical villa within a large garden property with the urban reality of a Renaissance city.

The core function of the Villa Romana since 1905 has been the Villa Romana Prize. Each year the Villa hosts the Villa Romana Fellows and beyond that organises various exhibitions and a wide range of events. The Villa Romana strives to interact with artists and the public, expand its international network and promoting communication with the cultures of the Mediterranean area.

International guest artists broaden the spectrum of conditions for artistic production and enrich internal and external discourse. Competencies, cultural differences and personal backgrounds are integrated in cooperation with the local environment (museums, art academies, universities and partners in other disciplines).

The Villa Romana is a convivial, interdisciplinary and communicative house that is frequented by numerous international artists, curators, critics and visitors throughout the year. It has over 40 rooms and a 1.5 hectare garden.

Renaissance resistance. Resistance renaissance. Renaissance resistance. Resistance renaissance., 2013, Performance by Liz Glynn

Linda Spjut and Sophie Reinhold, Stress of Sensation, 2012

Radio Papesse, Fuori Radio | Open Studios on air, 2014

Sound installation Loretta Fahrenholz, Sergei Tcherepnin and Ei Arakawa, Open Studios, 2014

With its rich art-historical and intellectual stock as well as its current status as an international campus and destination for mass tourism and migration, the city of Florence constitutes the local matrix for the Villa Romana's activities. It positions itself as a forum of contemporary art that initiates dialogue with the local audience and international partners.

Alvaro Urbano, The Show, the Ghost and the Host, 2014 (Guest room)

Bellows (Giuseppe Ielasi + Nicola Ratti), Open Studios, 2014