13 Jun                     14 Jun 2015

Four Walls

Alessandro Perini
Anton Lukoszevieze
Fabio Orsi

The sixth edition of music@villaromana will take place from 13 – 14 June 2015. Four Walls is a powerful work in John Cage’s oeuvre, that is borrowed here as a narrative pretext. In fact the center stage of this musical and visual weekend curated by Francis Dillon and Emanuele Torquati doesn’t focus on John Cage’s work,  on the contrato the multiplicity and variety of the four moments offered to the audience: the four sides of a perfect cube music from concert performance (Slowind and Lukoszevieze), to that of installation and electronics (Perini and Bears).

Saturday, June 13 will start with the virtuous of the Wind Quintet Slowind, from Ljubljana and the first part of the prestigious Slovenian Philharmonic, which also will open the next edition of the Music Biennale in Venice. Their program, Eastern Wind, includes some of the most brilliant composers on the contemporary scene, such as Salvatore Sciarrino and Japanese Toshio Hosokawa, the latter with a song dedicated specifically to them. Beside the great classic Gyorgy Ligeti, Slowind also offers a very recent work in the first Italian Vito Zuraj, a rising star of the composition and fellow at Villa Massimo last year, and exploration in the field of improvisation dell'istrionico Vinko Globokar. The evening will continue with the Night Concert in which the composer and performer Alessandro Perini, Italian stationed in Sweden, will lead the audience in his Flying Circus, through a wandering in the spaces of the villa, inspired by his original interactive installations. In particular, it will be presented with a sort of musical chair electronics capable of reproducing sound in the physical shape of the person sitting and its movements.

Sunday, June 14th instead will stage The Cello in My Life, a solo concert that will feature the cello Anton Lukoszevieze, eclectic musician and Lithuanian composer based in London and founder of the historical group Apartment House. A varied program and diverse, including work in the first of two Italian composers, the Argentine Maria Cecilia Villanueva and Lithuanian Egidjia Medeksaite, but also the great Morton Feldman, alongside songs of English James Clarke and the Swiss Klaus Huber. The second part of the evening, In the Dark, will be animated by the electronic musician Fabio Orsi, who lives in Berlin. A performance in the dark, of great emotional outlet and charm. This project has been poured by the Bears in a recent record production of great appeal, presented for the first time in Italy for music@villaromana.


June 13

8 pm
Happy Hour

9.15 pm
Music by György Ligeti, Vito Zuraj, Toshio Hosokawa, Salvatore Sciarrino, Vinko Globokar
Woodwind Quintet Slowind

11 pm
Night Concert
FLYING CIRCUS - Installations e Media performance Alessandro Perini

June 14

9.15 pm
Music by Laurence Crane, Anton Lukoszevieze, Maria Cecilia Villanueva, Morton Feldman,
Egidija Medeksaite, Klaus Karl Hubler, James Clarke
Anton Lukoszevieze, violoncello

11 pm
Night Concert
Fabio Orsi, electronics