07 Jun                     08 Jun 2019


mdi ensemble
Claudio Rocchetti
Manuel Zurria
Anna D’Errico
Francesco Dillon
Emanuele Torquati

10th EDITION music@villaromana

rosa murales

mdi ensemble, Al Confini della Performance

rosa murales

Claudio Rocchetti, Goldberg Variations

rosa murales

Marco Ignoti, FontanaMIXensemble, New York Counterpoint

rosa murales

FontanaMIXensemble, New York Counterpoint

rosa murales

Manuel Zurria, Non Abbastanza Per Me

rosa murales

Emanuele Torquati, Francesco Dillon

rosa murales

Anna D’Errico, Per Piano Solo

photos: Magda Typiak, OKNOstudio

The theme of the tenth edition of music@villaromana, ECHOED MEMORIES, is Memory, or rather the multiple Echoes that the listener can draw from the memory of previous listening experiences. Such experiences are full of assonances and references to worlds only apparently distant from each other in time and space.

The first appointment will take place on Friday 7 June , involving artists from Italy and abroad.  More specifically, the mdi ensemble presents a project, Ai confini della performance, which brings together two established composers – Danish artist Simon Steen-Andersen, formerly winner of a residence under the DAAD programme in Berlin, and the Frenchman Gérard Pesson – with recent works by young Italian composers of the latest generation, including Sara Caneva and Lorenzo Troiani and the experimental flute solo by Giovanni Verrando. This will be followed by the performance of Claudio Rocchetti, presenting an electronic reworking of Bach’s masterpiece, the Goldberg Variations.

On Saturday 8 June there will be the presentation of the book Non abbastanza per me (Not Enough for Me) dealing with the writings of the great composer and double bassist, Stefano Scodanibbio. This will take the form of a discussion between the musicologist Stefano Lombardi Vallauri and the flautist Manuel Zurria, his preferred performer. After this, the ensemble FontanaMIX proposes a species of New York Counterpoint, played by an unusual quartet made up of flute, clarinet, harp and electric guitar. This begins with historic pieces of American music by Charles Ives, Edgar Varèse and John Cage, moving through Steve Reich and Péter Eötvös and concluding with a reinterpretation of the great Leonard Bernstein.

In the evening concert, the pianist Anna D'Errico will start from the roots of traditional Sardinian music contained in Franco Oppo’s Bagatelle, alternating several fine Preludes by Claude Debussy with recent works by Enno Poppe – including his Thema mit 840 Variationen, in which the initial nucleus of the piece is varied continually and uninterruptedly – and by three of the currently most interesting Italian composers,  Daniela Terranova, Daniele Bravi and Filippo Perocco, performing the world premiere of a pair of Preludes by the latter, who has just won the Premio Abbiati for his Opera at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

The night concert will be devoted to the writer Giuliano Scabia, friend and collaborator of Luigi Nono, and his Opera della Notte, put to music by the swiss composer Mario Pagliarani for the Trio K. This takes the form of a Journey to the End of the Night, an encounter between poetry and music, in chamber version, where the body of the poet disappears and there remains only his recorded voice, acting as a guide to the three instruments playing live.


7 June

9 pm

Sara Caneva, Become a fan (2016), for ensemble and two fans
Giovanni Verrando, First Born Unicorn (2001), for flutes
Lorenzo Troiani, Cara è la fine II (2015), for violin and two assistants
Simon Steen-Andersen, Im Rauschen (2012), for piccolo, flute and bass clarinet
Gérard Pesson, Cassation (2003), for clarinet, string trio and piano

mdi ensemble
Sonia Formenti, flute
Paolo Casiraghi, clarinet
Lorenzo Gentili-Tedeschi, violin
Paolo Fumagalli, viola
Giorgio Casati, cello
Luca Ieracitano, piano

10.30 pm
Goldberg Variations

Claudio Rocchetti, electronics

8 June

6.30 pm
Presentation of the writings and notebooks of Stefano Scodanibbio - (Edizioni Quodlibet)
with Stefano Lombardi Vallauri and Manuel Zurria

Stefano Scodanibbio, Ritorno a Cartagena (2001), for bass flute

Manuel Zurria, flute

7.30 pm

Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question (1908 /2019), version for instruments and electronics (by FontanaMIX)
Steve Reich, New York Counterpoint (1985), for clarinet and tape
Edgar Varèse, Density 21.5 (1936), for flute
John Cage, In a Landscape (1948), for harp
Péter Eötvös, Music for New York (1971), for bass clarinet and tape – italian premiere
Steven Mackey, Cairn (1994), for electric guitar – italian premiere
Leonard Bernstein /D. Sillato, New York condensation (2019), elaboration of New York New York (from On the Town) by Leonard Bernstein


Alice Caradente, harp
Lavinia Guillari, flutes
Marco Ignoti, clarinets
Walter Zanetti, electric guitar
Francesco La Licata, conductor

9 pm

Claude Debussy, Préludes, selection from book one (1909 - 1911)
Franco Oppo, Bagatelle (2000)
Enno Poppe, Thema mit 840 Variationen (1993 - 1997)
Daniela Terranova, A landscape in my hands (2017)
Daniele Bravi, Solo (2011)
Filippo Perocco, Preludi (2007 - 2009) - world premiere

10.30 pm

Mario Pagliarani
Il silenzio secondo Gluck (2019), after Orfeo ed Euridice by Christoph Willibald Gluck, for background flute and piano, - world premiere
Opera della Notte (2018), poem concertato to words by Giuliano Scabia – italian premiere

Giuliano Scabia, recorded voice

Manuel Zurria, flute
Francesco Dillon, cello
Emanuele Torquati, piano

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