08.12.                     09.12.2017

Performance Workshop

Stefan Pente and William Locke Wheeler
Through Rituals (Make. It. Happen.)

Stefan Pente und William Locke Wheeler, Drawing for Witnesses (Are they dead? no they're just frozen),  Beursschouwburg, Brüssel, Performance und Installation, 2013.  Foto: Andrea Thal

(Text nur auf englisch)

Workshop held by Stefan Pente (visual artist, performer, Villa Romana Fellow 2017) and William Locke Wheeler (Visual Artist, Performer and Professor, BA Dance, Context, Choreography, Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin)

To register, please contact us on facebook or send a message to:
Deadline for subscription: 6 December 2017
Pavillon, Villa Romana

"This two-day workshop invites participants (artists, students, performers, etc.) to explore ritual as performative practice. We understand rituals in our artistic practice not as routines or traditions, but as artistic events whose purpose can be to bring change and transformation, to summon and conjure, to remember, to complicate and confuse and cleanse, and to address specific cultural and social situations that speak to us. We use ritual to speak back. Ritual can be rehearsed, improvised, choreographed, precariously repeated, done only once. To engage with ritual means to ask: What is the specific purpose of our action? Why does an image (picture, memory, witnessed event, etc.) speak to us, move us, resonate in us? Why does the dancer dance? What movement is evoked by being moved, and where does its propulsion come from? What powers lie in objects, spaces, and places and how can they be harnessed performatively?

We will propose a variety of exercises for body, choreography, writing, and discussion. Individual participants will have a chance to realize their ideas by activating and directing others in the group. Participants are asked to bring ideas, questions, and materials that they wish to utilize and address performatively."

The workshop will be held in English.


December 8

10 am – 1 pm

1 – 2 pm

2 – 6 pm
work, including group discussion

December 9

10 am – 1pm

1 – 2 pm

2 – 6 pm

6 – 7 pm
break/prepare for showings

7 – 8 /9 pm
presentation and feedback/discussions (open to public)

9 pm

This project was carried out within the context of Toscana in Contemporanea e Giovani sì, supported by di Regione Toscana.