08.                     09 Nov 2021


African Diaspora Cinema Festival (6th edition)

African Diaspora Cinema Festival goes cinema: after the postponed 2020 edition this summer in the Villa Romana garden and at Manifattura Tabacchi, the 2021 edition will be shown on the big screen of Cinema Stenson. We are all very happy about this cooperation!

Founded in 2013 by filmmaker Fide Dayo, the festival aims to transcend the cultural hierarchies and geographic boundaries often implied by terms like African film or African cinema.

Instead, ADCF presents films from and about Africa and the African diaspora and focuses on heterogeneity, mobility, and global cultural and infrastructural interconnections. Digital technology has made possible, a.o., the proliferation of international exchange platforms and an unmediated circulation of the film industry and direct contact with filmmakers, bypassing traditional distribution channels. The selection of twelve films for the 2021 edition of African Diaspora Cinema Festival - out of a total of 120 works in competition - brings together works by filmmakers based in Africa or in the global diaspora, but also by filmmakers who move between several worlds.

In recent months, filmmaking has turned into a solitary, small-screen experience. During the pandemic, streaming platforms monopolized the cinematic experience and eclipsed the vibrancy of cinema experienced in community, beyond individualized consumer-driven algorithms. Cinema was and is a place of the collective, reflecting and rethinking opinions, values, morals, aesthetics, politics, and identity. Cinema confronts the unknown, the uncomfortable, and aesthetic ruptures; it is a place of discussion, of consensus or dissent, a beginning of processes of change.
This year, for the first time, ADCF collaborates with the Stensen Foundation and presents the 2021 edition at the Stensen Cinema.

Fide Dayo, Angelika Stepken, Davood Madadpoor, Teodora Talhos


Monday, 08 Nov 2021
Cinema Stensen

4.30 pm
ADCF-films 2021

4.40 - 7.45 Uhr

Lucie Viver
Sankara is not dead
2019, FR, film, 109', fr., engl. sub

Massimo Amici
A Portopalo Moon
2020, GB, short, 16'15'', ital.

Zakaria Nouri
2021, MA, short, 21'34'', arab.

Kiana Harris
Aje Ijo
2020, USA, short, 14', engl.

8 - 9 pm
Official Presentation & aperitif
Presentation of ADCF 2021, jazz music with Laurie

9 - 10.40 pm

Philippe Talavera
2020, NA, film, 60'12'', engl.

Anna de Manincor
ZimmerFrei, The City Within
2020, IT, doc, 30', it.

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2021
Cinema Stensen

4.30 pm
Introduction of today's films

4.40 - 8.30 pm

Adeoluwa Owu
The Griot
2020, NG, film, 109'49'', engl.

Dèwun Owusu
Lockdown Lunch Club
2020, ZA, doc, 23'12'', engl., xhosa

Ram Ally K, Cece Mlay, Ash Mswaki
NYARA "The Kidnapping"
2020, TZ, film, 75', engl., suaheli

8.30 pm

9 - 10.30 pm

Luca Ciriello
L'armée rouge (the red army)
2020, IT, doc, 60', fr., it. sub

Andre Wynter
Sweet Rind
2020, JM, short, 26'57'', engl.

10.35 pm
Final Q&A

11 pm
Awards Announcement
With Fide Dayo, Director ADCF

In collaboration with

rosa murales