09                     12 Sep 2021


Cine Galluzzo
Four days of cinema open to all

photos: Silvia Piantini

The Cine Galluzzo initiative is part of Convisione_fucina popolare di cultura contemporanea, an experimental project of social inclusion and cultural participation scheduled to run from early September to mid-October in the premises of in the spaces of the Casa del Popolo of Galluzzo and in the Park along the Ema with a programme of public events and activities open to citizens. Marco Antelmi, Mariana Ferratto and Franco Spina are the three artists - selected through a public call - who will deal with the Galluzzo area, developing projects specifically designed for the local context of this Florentine neighborhood.


09 Sep

8.30 pm
Aperitif and presentation of the Convisione-project

9.30 pm
Screening of the film I ragazzi di San Frediano (2019) by Giulia Lenzi and Sofia Milazzo

I Ragazzi di San Frediano is a documentary that, through a choral narrative, portrays a cross-section of one of the symbolic neighborhoods of the Tuscan capital at the mercy of the transformations imposed by contemporaneity.

10 Sep

9.30 pm
Screening of the film L'albero di trasmissione (2014) by Fabrizio Bellomo

L'Albero di trasmissione tells the story of the Ciliberti family, a family that invents and manufactures mechanical devices, engines and works of art in the San Cataldo neighborhood of Bari, where they live.

11 Sep

9 pm
Preview of L'albergo dei miracoli by Giovanni Cioni, with director in attendance
Film workshop at the Albergo Popolare in Florence

9.45 pm
Screening of the film Per Ulisse (2014) by Giovanni Cioni

A film invented and made together with the frequenters of a socialization center in Florence increasingly perceived as a seaport. Some disappear, maybe reappear after a few months, maybe never return. Others disembark, with their stories.

12. Sep

9.30 pm
Screening of the film Loro di Napoli (2015) by Piero Li Donni

Afro-Napoli is an amateur football team made up of migrants, second-generation Italians and Neapolitans who win all the tournaments they play in. The dream of its president is to make it to the federal championships.

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