22 Feb 2010


Mat Pogo
Ignaz Schick

10 pm

Mat Pogo (vocals, cd-players)
Ignaz Schick (turntable, objects)

Mat Pogo & Ignaz Schick have started collaborating as a duo in summer 2009 and so far only performed two short duo sets in Berlin and decided to turn the meeting into a regular project. The Villa Romana concert will be their third meeting, after they will go to record for a few days in Tuscany. Their music is very fast moving, almost cartoon style and highly energetic. Still they never loose the sense for the most precise details and nuances of the sounds they are using. Pogo is one of the most interesting vocal performers of the younger generation (post-Minton & post Moss), he incorporates all possible vocal sounds - abstract to concrete, from real to selfinvented fake languages.

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin based sound artists involved in all kinds of sound related & conceptual works who in live performances extends the turntable to its most extreme. Mostly no records are used and his set is entirely made from objects being played on the record player directly. His interest & curiosity covers many different styles of experimental music.

We are very happy that Ignaz Schick after his concert with Andrea Belfi last September now is coming back to Villa Romana in a concert with Mat Pogo.