05 Sep                     11 Sep 2010


Semaine de Jardin II
Workshop by atelier le balto with students from Alghero,
Milan, Versailles, Stuttgart and Florence

Following the wonderful prelude to the Semaine de Jardin in the autumn of 2009, Villa Romana invites guests to a second edition of the garden week from 5th to 11th September. The participants are students of art, architecture and landscaping from Versailles, Stuttgart, Alghero, Milan and Florence, as well as artists, musicians, performers, theorists and the current residents of Villa Romana.

Following the wonderful prelude to the Semaine de Jardin in the autumn of 2009, Villa Romana When the French garden art team atelier le balto (Berlin, Le Havre) started a gradual reinterpretation and clearance of the Villa Romana garden two years ago, their contemporary and process-related way of working soon attracted the interest of their Italian colleagues. The collaboration, launched last year, with lecturers and students of various universities and masters courses will now be continued – with the support of the Franco-German University (DFH) – and extended to a second Semaine de Jardin.

The aim of the Semaine de Jardin is not just to offer a group of 25 international students practical experience in the Villa Romana garden working with Veronique Faucheur, Marc Pouzol and Marc Vatinel (atelier le balto), but rather also to compare the temporal and spatial composition of a garden to the theory and practice of public spaces and of artistic forms of action and to involve the public in all of these proposals. The students will camp in the Villa Romana garden for the whole week and eat together with the Villa Romana artists and guests. During the workshop, the garden is open to any interested parties.

In practical terms, during the Semaine de Jardin there are daily workshops with atelier le balto in various parts of the garden and public events in the evening. On Monday, the students will visit the Gori Collection in Celle and the Pinocchio Park in Collodi with Anna Lambertini (University of Florence). On Wednesday, they will spend time on theories of the heterotopy of the garden and of curation, that is, the idea of care, led by Felix Heidenreich (Institute of Culture and Technology of the University of Stuttgart). Late on Wednesday afternoon, a public panel discussion will be held on the topic: Cultivating places. Complexities and narratives about contemporary public space with an introductory presentation by Gianluca Bocchi (University of Bergamo). The evening before, students of the Benedetto Marcello conservatoire in Venice, directed by Riccardo Vaglini, will perform in the indoor and outdoor areas of Villa Romana. On Thursday evening, Lorenza Zambon invites guests to lessons on Planetary gardening and before this, atelier le balto will provide a guided tour of the Villa’s garden for interested parties. Finally, the garden week ends on Saturday, 11 September with the annual Villa Romana Open Studios. From 5 pm, the 2010 Villa Romana Fellows and guest artists invite guests in for a look around and in the evening, a performance will be held: In concert: Christian Naujoks.

Our thanks go to all the lecturers and participating universities that are supporting the Semaine de Jardin workshop, both actively and financially, as well as to the DFH.


Tuesday 7 September,
8.30 pm

Sound Performance
Vox–Teatrino–Lines towards a new century
Collettivo Rituale, in collaboration with the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia

Wednesday 8 September, 4.30 pm

Coltivare luoghi. Complessità e narrazioni dello spazio pubblico contemporaneo

An interdisciplinary conference
Speeches from
Gianluca Bocchi, epistemologist, University of Bergamo / Claudia Zanfi, architect, aMAZElab, Milan / Veronique Faucheur, Marc Pouzol, Marc Vatinel, landscape architects, atelier le balto, Berlin/Le Havre / Ferdinand Ludwig, architect, IGMA University of Stuttgart
Scheduled statements
Felix Heidenreich, philosopher, IZKT University of Stuttgart / Stefan Tischer, landscape gardener, University of Sassari / Annacaterina Piras, architect, University of Sassari / Elisabetta Bianchessi, landscape gardener, Politecnico di Milano - NABA Milan
Chairing the conference
Anna Lambertini, landscape architect, AIAPP member, University of Florence

Thursday 9 September

5 pm

Guided tour of the Villa Romana garden withatelier le balto
9 pm
Lorenza Zambon, Lezioni di Giardinaggio Planetario

Saturday, 11 September, from 5 pm

OPEN STUDIOS at Villa Romana
Open studios, exhibitions, concert, DJ, refreshments

The Semaine de Jardin is carried out with the cooperation of
Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettura e Società / Università degli Studi di Sassari, Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero / Universität Stuttgart, IZKT – Internationales Zentrum für Kultur- und Technikforschung / Università degli Studi di Firenze, Master in Paesaggistica / École nationale supérieure du paysage, Versaille.

With the generous support of the Franco-German University.