The Taking Place of an Art Publication
Nora Schultz, Adrienne Drake, Francesco de Figueiredo, Lorenzo Gigotti

7.30 pm

Avere luogo Book Launch and Discussion followed by an evening of music selected by NERO.

With the release of the catalogue avere luogo, published for Nora Schultz’s 2010 solo exhibition at the Fondazione Giuliani in Rome.

Nora Schultz, artist in residence at Villa Romana, Florence, Adrienne Drake, Curator of the Fondazione Giuliani, Rome and Francesco de Figueiredo and Lorenzo Gigotti, NERO Publishing, Rome will host an open discussion addressing today’s production and reception of art publications, and the relevance of publishing within an art context. How does a publication manifest certain frameworks within the process of an exhibition, and how can it challenge these frames, if not break them? How can a catalogue step beyond its primary function of simply documenting and representing an exhibition? Can a catalogue’s design and layout become an active component and extension of the show? In a collaboration between artist, curator and designer, is it possible to make the confines between these positions more permeable?

In addition, NERO will discuss the history of Nero Magazine, a free press founded in 2004, and their subsequent projects in the ambit of contemporary culture.