06 Nov                    09 Nov 2012


Martino Chiti

20 short films on death and photography directed by Martino Chiti

"Every photographic image sends us two messages: one related to the event photographed and another concerning a brusque blow of discontinuity. Between the recorded moment and the present instant in which we look, there is an abyss; the traumatic discontinuity created by absence or death."

from the essay in Die helle Kammer by Roland Barthes.

Each short film shows a person in the act of photographing their surroundings according to their own vision, the images shot appear simultaneously.
...a parallelism between different dimensions, a slow sequence of events. A black figure suddenly appears and kills the photographers.
An allegory of death, intimately related to the concept of photography.
20 short films in an audiovisual installation that uses video, photography and sculpture. The screen is divided into two parts.
On one side (the right) the video shows the different characters who take pictures in different spaces/atmospheres. On the other side (the left) the pictures taken appear, in sync with the action of the video. The installation includes a life-size sculpture of man in black and a second screen that reproduces the entire exhibition space. In this way, the viewer is an integral part of the work..

Luca Guerri, Manuela Ricciardi, Fabrizio Del Moro, Maria Radicchi, Matteo Zanobini, Michael Rotondi, Emmanuele Giaccherini, Mario Bermeo Torres, Ana Matey Marañon, Guillermo Ruìz Mantilla, Jose Mogrol, David Oliver Scarpa, Alain Gutierrez Almeida, Elena Baca Suquet, Leslie Hicks, Davide Giuliani, Gian Luca Rossetti, Tenzin Lhawang, Waswo X. Waswo, Linda Lombardo, Martino Chiti.

Music: Appaloosa, Urtropode.
Sound supervisor: Andrea Pachetti.
Assistants: Marco Zaninello, Guillermo Ruìz Mantilla, Andrea D'Amore, Ganpat Mali, Linda Lombardo.
Duration: 117min
Formats: Digital video, high definition digital video, super8 colour video film, digital photography, analogue photography 35mm negative b/w, colour negative, colour and B/W slide, analogue photography 6x6 b/w.
Techniques: Video, installation, sculpture in polyurethane foam and fibreglass.
Produced in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, India and the United States between 2004 and 2012.
Inspired by "La chambre claire" by Roland Barthes

Dedicated to my father

Directed by Martino Chiti