24 Feb 2015


A Bed Is A Door #4: Gasconade
Le Petit Jeu - A reading of drafts

18.30 pm 

SK: "It’s very strange to see how our generation is figuring out not only why we’re different, but also how to ask why our generation of twenty- (and thirty-) somethings is so fucked up. It’s like we’re in a movie co-written by Woody Allen and Kathy Acker, though we cannot quite reach that which is our stubborn reality."

MDA: "For sure there is quite a lot of commiseration with what I meant, but for me it dwells more in the factual destitution of our everyday life, in which, besides family, we are pretty alone. I feel that for us the novel would mean a move toward responsibility with regard to our community. I mean, we could choose to leave this story to people’s chit-chat—that would definitely turn it into mythology, if you just think about the Italian leaning toward drama—and be fine with the definitive version that would come out of that; or even worse, wait for a miserable researcher who would finally be preoccupied by this story—because there will always be a researcher who will come knocking when you have done something that is in a way pioneering in your local context. Or we could write the story ourselves."

Le Petit Jeu is a artist novel by Gasconade coming out soon.
As a closing moment of Gasconade’s residency for A Bed Is A Door @ Villa Romana, drafts of some of the novel’s chapters will be read to the audience.

A Bed Is A Door is an itinerant project conceived by Jacopo Mazzetti as a space drafted to host and accumulate the sleep of artists, musicians and researchers. It intends to stimulate the possibilities of lucid dreams to experience a reality that is not determined by the laws of physics.

Gasconade is a nonprofit art space founded in 2011 in Milan.

Jacopo Mazzetti (*1987, Milan) is an artist, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan) with a specialization at the Camberwell College in London. His artistic practice is aimed at the creation of scenarios that invite to the experience of revealing stages of consciousness and generate conditions of intimacy, both individual and collective.