04 Mar 2015

Artist Talk

Karolina Bregula

The Offence
, 2012, video (20 min.)

Karolina Breguła (born 1979, lives in Warsaw) is an international guest artist at Villa Romana from February to March. In 2013 she has been awarded the second Prize of the Views-Prize for young Polish art initiated by the Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Deutsche Bank Polska and the Zacheta National Gallery Warsaw.

Bregula has graduated from the National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź where she now has been working on her Phd. Her works (installations, happenings, video, photography and performance) have been exhibited in institutions such as National Museum in Warsaw, Zachęta Natonal Gallery in Warsaw, Jewish Museum in New York and the Venice Biennial. She has received numerous awards including the Samsung Art Master 2007, Polish Ministry of Culture Scholarship, Młoda Polska and the Visegrad Scholarship. Currently she is participating at the Videonale 15 at Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Bregula's art practice focuses on the subject of the reception of art. She is researching unprofessional art receivers and their relation to modern art. She is looking for the position art occupies in today's society and the role art heritage can play in the contemporary world. Building meaning and auto analysis of culture have become the subject of her latest activity.

During her presentation at Villa Romana she will present some of her works including a screening of Fire-Followers (2013, 48 min) and The Offence (2012, 20 min).

Fire-Followers - Trailer: