24 Mar 2015

Artist Talk

Qëndresë Deda

Young Kosovan artists-in-residence at Villa Romana

After the first year with the two short-residencies of Shqipe Jonuzi, Yll Xhaferi at Villa Romana and Dardan Zhegrova's long-distance participation, Qëndresë Deda is the fourth artist from Kosovo to follow her residency for two weeks at Villa Romana in the course of the Hajde! exchange program, which was initiated by the artist and Villa Romana Fellow 2014, Petrit Halilaj.

Qëndresë Deda's artistic practice is mainly focusing on photography. Placing her work in the context of the "selfie", her self-portraits are raising questions about the changing relationship between image and identity in the globalized and digitalized world. By sharing the images on social media such as Facebook she seeks to express her individual subjectivity while always being conscious of the surrounding in which it has to operate: "Objective reality, presence. Active pressure of the presence as a determinant for the possible future. Fear based on possible inevitable pain and loss. The presence of someone that is not present physically. And all the people and ideas exist even when they are not in front of us but are with us and make us alive. The other, their powerful presence even if it is imaginary. Dependence and sadomasochism. Images and words that try to describe the present filled with past and future - Mind spaces."(Qëndresë Deda)