24 Nov 2016

Artist Talk

Natalia Ali

Natalia Ali Natalia Ali, Ich wäre nicht gekommen, ongoing

"In my work I use different media from photo, video, audio to sculpture and drawing.

The artistic work often function rather like diaries for me, they allow me to capture and concentrate in pictures that which personally occupies me. For me, this creates a very private biographical language, which enriches and interweaves my own experiences with fictional narratives and in this way develops a transformed, and sometimes unreal and paradoxical life of its own.

The film series Ich wäre nicht gekommen (I Would not Have Come) is based on my experience of working as a translator at an NGO. The women there tell their story and I translate that. My role is solely to translate that back and forth between patient and therapist. My own consternation remains largely outside the frame. These stories are used by me as a basis for staging myself using the languages Arabic, Russian, German. They are emotional images of the women in me."

Natalia Ali, born in 1986 in Damascus has lived in Berlin for five years and in November she lives and works as an international guest artist at the Villa Romana.