Kinkaleri, Le Supplici, Mk, Canedicoda, Roberta Mosca, Margherita Morgantin

KLM dovesei
Photo: O. Croy

Friday, February 03 2017, 5 pm to midnight.

KLM is the meeting place of the Kinkaleri, Le Supplici and Mk groups, a place for open and ongoing confrontation about what artistic exploration means today and what places, forms, processes and formats it can embrace today. This experiment resembles an artistic gesture that proposes and outlines a precise field of action like a trace of possibilities and intersections, trajectories and flights of all the artists involved and invited, where KLM merely constitutes the shores. The forms of activation are fluid, lightweight, modular and reinvented for each occasion. The project invites the artists and the guests to weave a fabric of proposals in perfect creative liberty, within the invention of a new constellation to visit.

From February 01 to 03 2017, KLM & Friends will reside in the spaces of Villa Romana to grow a spontaneous collective work without fear, activating a joint reflection, an active process of omitted presence where each will strip down and become white, something diverse and more composed in a progressive loss of details within a panorama that invades every space. The single points disperse, the sign becomes larger and habitable.

A project by KLM | Kinkaleri, Le Supplici, Mk.
In collaboration with Villa Romana and Radio Papesse; supported by MIBACT, Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali - Dipartimento dello Spettacolo.