17 Sep                     30 Nov 2015

Florenz Contemporary

The Villa Romana as guest of the Embassy of Italy in Berlin

Giacomo Lasera

Giacomo Laser, A terrible idea of Giacomo Laser , 2015

Johannes Paul Raether

Johannes Paul Raether, Schwefelrosen , 2008

Margherita Msocardini

Margherita Moscardini, 1xUnknown , 2012-ongoing (Quiberville)

Francesca Banchelli

Fracnesca Banchelli, 35 mm on scale , 2014

Alisa Margolis

Alisa Margolis, 5 Axls , 2012

Petrit Halilaj

Petrit Halilaj, She, fully turning around, became terrestrial , 2015

Robert Pettena

Robert Pettena, Caccia al lupo con trappole , 2015

Alvaro Urbano

Alvaro Urbano, 2015

Anike Joyce Sadiq

Anike Joyce Sadiq, You Never Look At Me From The Place From Which I See You , 2015

The Florence Contemporary exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see not only new works by the Villa Romana Fellows 2014-2015 in Berlin, but also to introduce the young, international Florentine art scene, which from afar is often viewed in the shadow of the Renaissance.
The alternating current between Berlin and Florence short circuits two artistic havens from different points in time. As the “Cradle of the Renaissance” and a tourist attraction, Florence offers inexhaustible sources of critical reinterpretation of a European master narrative. Since the fall of the Wall, Berlin has become a hotspot for contemporary artists from around the world.
While each of the Villa Romana Fellows live and work, perform and exhibit in the neo-classical villa on the via Senese for ten months, works by ten Italian artists are coming to Berlin for the first time and will stay for a good two months. Just as the Fellows from Germany are of various origins, several of the “Italian” artists live in Barcelona, researched in Albania, or came to Tuscany from Mexico or the USA.

Artists: Villa Romana Fellows 2014 (Ei Arakawa, Natalie Czech, Loretta Fahrenholz, Petrit Halilaj, Sergei Tcherepnin, Alvaro Urbano) and 2015 (Alisa Margolis, Johannes Paul Raether, Judith Raum, Anike Joyce Sadiq) and Francesca Banchelli, Federico Cavallini, Leone Contini, Gaetano Cunsolo, Giacomo Laser, Juan Pablo Macias, Margherita Moscardini, Filippo Manzini, Robert Pettena, Justin Randolph Thompson.

Curated by Angelika Stepken.