13 May 2021

Open Call - Scuola Popolare II /2021
Villa Romana in collaboration with ARCI Galluzzo

How do we get together again, how can we live culture in the city and in the neighborhood, how to create an active citizenship, a public and shared space after the experience of the state of emergency for more than 15 months? Let us teach each other, let us learn from each other!

There will be no simple return to the old normality. How can we move from weakness and worry to the common good and develop artistic practices for the future? Which practices, which memories and observations, which commonalities and experimentations can strengthen the courage to live together without fear, to be active citizens animated by culture, taking care of and respecting the resources of the planet?

Scuola Popolare was born last year from the experience of the first, hard lockdown in Italy, giving all participants the opportunity to draw strength from the experience of self-organization and sharing. From personal narratives and actions collective, open, critical and poetic spaces were generated.

This year we take another step forward and collaborate with the reality of the ARCI (Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana) in Galluzzo, two kilometers away from Villa Romana. We create an alliance between the need for art and the needs of social life, we create new shared spaces, new skills, new experiences and experimentations.

We invite artists, researchers, activists in the region to send us ideas for collaborative projects both in Galluzzo and Villa Romana.

Please send your concepts to:

The deadline for proposals is Thursday, 27 May 2021. The program will be posted by 15 June.

All workshops and other formats will take place in July in the Villa Romana garden and at Galluzzo - abiding by all pandemic rules.

As last year, a modest fee will be paid to participating artists, researchers, activists. We look forward to welcoming many new participants!!!