Aliou Badou Diack
Nature, son et peinture

The interview with Aliou Badou Diack was held during his stay at the Villa Romana in the course of the project SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES. Thirteen artists from Europe and Africa deal with the entanglements of both continents, and Senegal /Italy in particular, from different perspectives. The research project, which was conceived for a period of one year, will be accompanied on a blog. Results will be shown in exhibitions in Florence and Berlin in 2019.

audiofile in French

Aliou Badou Diack was born in 1987 in Sidi Bougou, in the Mbour region in Senegal. He left his village to attend a school in Dakar at the age of ten. Being away from home he began to draw the green flora and rich fauna of his village, reproducing the animistic forests of his childhood. With financial help of his spiritual guide he completed his studies at the École National des Arts du Sénégal in 2013. Until today the story of his childhood and of that ancient communion with nature plays an important role in his works. Natural sensations are also part of the painting process itself. Diack literally exposes his images to the natural surroundings of his studio. The artist’s paintings were on display at Paris Art Fair in 2017 and will be displayed at the Biennale Dak’Art 2018 in Dakar.