15 Feb                      22 Mar 2013

Villa Romana Fellows 2013

Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs, Daniel Maier-Reimer

Shannon Bool, O, Bars with Pen, Eyeliner and Cream (2012), steel and bronze, (detail)

Shannon Bool, Bars with Collection, o Bars with Tobacco,
Sracked {} Bars with Envelope and Compact Powder, steel and bronze

Shannon Bool, Inside Job, 2012-2013, video (still)background: Daniel Maier-Reimer, 
Walk following the Florence City Boundary Line, 2012, two copies of the daily
Corriere della Sera, including Corriere Fiorentino

Heide Hinrichs, Imprints (2012/2013), plasterwall,
Your Hands (2012), fabrics and pencil

Mariechen Danz, Commom Carrier Case (Praeperat) (2011) Commom Carrier Case
(Praeparet - avatar), 2012, digital print on cotton, cotton wool, plexiglass, epoxy resin,
Heide Hinrichs, Collapsed Space of Intimacy, 2012, papier maché and plumes (Left)

Shannon Bool, Mariechen Danz, Heide Hinrichs and Daniel Maier-Reimer have been awarded the 2013 Villa Romana Fellowships. They will travel to the Villa Romana in Florence at the beginning of February this year and will live and work there until the end of November. They will introduce themselves in a joint exhibition at the Villa Romana. The Villa Romana Fellows 2013 were nominated by the artist Ulrike Grossarth and Janneke de Vries, Head of the Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst (GAK) Bremen.

Shannon Bool (born 1972 in Comox, Canada), studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver; the Cooper Union School of Art, New York and the Städelschule Frankfurt. She lives and works in Berlin. In her collages, sketches, photograms, objects and installations, Shannon Bool links different areas of knowledge and systems of representation, transfers craft techniques into new contexts and opens visual surfaces for new narratives.

Mariechen Danz (born 1980 in Dublin, Ireland) studied at the Universität der Künste (UdK), Berlin and the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia. She lives in Berlin and in the last few years has gained international recognition with her amalgamation of live performance, sketches, videos and sculptural installations. She questions - often using the grotesque - systems of knowledge and the power structures encoded therein.

Heide Hinrichs (born 1976 in Oldenburg) studied at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, the Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden, and the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium. She works with sculptural, graphic and time-based elements in space that trace the meaning of things, their locations and memories. They deal with the relationship between language and body, and with subjective and architectural spaces. Heide Hinrichs currently lives in Brussels.

Daniel Maier-Reimer (born 1968 in Hechingen) lives in Hamburg. For over 20 years he has dedicated himself to extensive travelling: to Lapland, Iceland, China, Moldova, Ukraine, Iran, the Yellow River and the Colorado River. He travels on foot and eventually brings back a small number of photographs that fall behind the semblance of the surfaces: the condensations of a journey, of unfamiliarity and corporeality, of recorded time and legacy.

The Villa Romana Fellowship includes a ten-month residency at the Villa Romana in Florence, free use of an atelier and a monthly stipend. The Villa Romana Fellowship is put up and financed by the Villa Romana Society with funds provided by the Deutsche Bank Foundation and trustees of the German Federal Ministry for Culture and Media, as well as other private benefactors.