07 Jul                     20 Aug 2016

Slices – On Time

Moojin Brothers, Walid Elsawi, Faten El Disouky, Chanmin Jeong, Changyu Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Hagar Masoud, Bora Sung, Taejun Yun, Ramzy Zahoual

You and your friends are cordially invited to the opening
of the exhibition on Thursday, July 07 at 7 pm.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 2 to 6 pm and on appointment


exhibition view, Walid Elsawi, Ramzy Zahoual, Faten El Disouky, Taejun Yun


exhibition view, Chanmin Jeong, Walid Elsawi, Faten El Disouky


exhibition view, Hagar Masoud


exhibition view, Jaeyeon Kim

photos: Taejun Yun

On time! What time? Talking to somebody on the other side of the globe can be difficult. Not so much because of lacking communication infrastructures, technical difficulties or high costs of international calls. All these obstacles have been mostly overcome thanks to the availability of cellphones, international calling cards and Internet access. It might rather be difficult to have a conversation across time zones, because the other person is already tired from a full day of work, while you are just getting started. But, let us assume, everything works well, you are both awake and focused and, yet, it still does not feel like calling someone in your neighborhood. You might ask: "So it is already quite late at your place, is it not?" You know it is, because you looked up the time difference before you called, but it seems somehow exciting, that the person at the other end of the (imaginary) line, could see the stars, while you have a blue sky above your house. Where is this excitement coming from? Maybe, it is the experience of non-linear time, the experience that past (morning), present (afternoon) and future (night) can overlap in one place. Sure, this does not proof the time on this clock in the middle of nowhere to be wrong, but invites to look at the relation of time, place and memory in a different way, a way, that rather resembles wild scribbling than a straight line from A to B.

The artists in this exhibition explore those moments, when categories of time and space get blurry. In some works biographical stories blend with larger historic narratives. In others photography and video are used to record reality to then put it in question. All the artists are part of one generation, but otherwise come from different places outside of Europe: Egypt, Algiers and South Korea. Accompanying the exhibition they will have a workshop with Radio Papesse further deepening their collaboration.

The idea for the exhibition and workshop was developed by Rebecca Ann Tess (Villa Romana Fellow 2011) and Flo Maak in collaboration with Villa Romana. They are both teaching at Chung-Ang University in Seoul and invited Moojin Brothers, Chanmin Jeong, Changyu Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Bora Sung and Taejun Yun, who are some of their most promising former and current students, for this project. Angelika Stepken invited Hagar Masoud, Faten El Disouky and Walid Elsawi from Alexandria and Ramzy Zahoual from Algiers.

In cooperation with SIZAK and

CAU photography