21 Nov                     27 Nov 2010


Szpilman Award Show #10

27 November at 7 pm
Presentation of the shortlist and the winner

Wow and Exclusive! Watch 500 years old milestone of art history and best of today! Szpilman Award's double feature at Villa Romana!

Wow! In 1899, the Rothschilds offered Galleria Borghese to buy Tiziano's 'Amor sacro e amor profano' at a price that was higher than the estimated value of the Villa Borghese and all its works of art (4,000,000 Lire as opposed to 3,600,000 Lire). However, Tiziano's 'Amor sacro e amor profano' has remained and virtually become the symbol of the Borghese Gallery itself. And now crazy Szpilman Award Members bring this world famous work cut into 13.200 pieces to Firenze. During Szpilman Award Show #10 from November 21 till November 27 they try to assemble the painting back into original size (118cm x 279 cm) - come and join, watch this 500 years old milestone of art history at Villa Romana.

Exclusive! 326 participants from Iceland to Mozambique want the Szpilman Award 2010. From November 25 to November 27 Szpilman Award Jury Members watch all applications and select seven best and the Szpilman Award 2010 winner. So be the first to watch this years winner (and shortlisted works) presented at Villa Romana on Nov 27.