Der Verein Villa Romana

Association of Villa Romana e.V.

The patron of the Villa Romana and founder of the Villa Romana Prize is the registered association Villa Romana e.V. The association is financed primarily with funds from private sponsors, corporations, foundations and individuals. Biggest supporter is the Deutsche Bank Stiftung. Another key supporter is the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Executive Committee

Christoph Marx (Chairman)
Michael Münch (Treasurer)
Dr. Brigitte Oetker
Dr. Ansgar Pallasky
Dr. Claudia Schmidt-Matthiesen

Villa Romana e.V.
c/o Deutsche Bank AG
60262 Frankfurt/M

Foerderer der Villa Romana

The Villa Romana is an artists’ house which encourages the production and exchange of art. Every year it provides the Villa Romana fellows with a stipend as well as with a wide network of contacts in the art world, in Germany, Italy and internationally. Through exhibitions and events Villa Romana appears in public both locally and internationally.