21 Nov 2019

International Guest Artists 2020: Robert Gabris and Małgorzata Mirga-Tas
A cooperation of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) with Villa Romana

To mark the upcoming installation of FUTUROMA at Künstlerhaus Villa Romana in Florence in 2020, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) has joined forces with the Villa Romana residency programme to offer two residencies to Roma contemporary artists. This exciting initiative draws upon the ground-breaking work, expertise, and vision of both institutions to realise a unique opportunity for Roma artists and marks a significant step in recognition of the importance of Roma contemporary art practice today. Through the cooperation Villa Romana and ERIAC offer two month-residencies to two artists. ERIAC and Villa Romana received 12 eligible applications.

The jury meeting took place in ERIAC on 08 October 2019 with the presence of:
Maria Lind, curator, writer, art critic, co-curator of the 2019 Timisoara Art Encounters Biennial
Daniel Baker, artist, curator of FUTUROMA at Biennale Arte 2019
Angelika Stepken, curator, author, director of Villa Romana, Florence
Timea Junghaus, curator, art historian, director of ERIAC

The jury established the rational that the decision on the residency awardees is based on:
–  The chosen artists can - at this stage of their artistic carrier - benefit best from the residency in Florence.
–  They submitted portfolios that demonstrate outstanding and mature artistic oeuvres.
–  They apply current, timely and relevant research methodologies.
–  They have a solid commitment for further development in technique.
–  Their application suggests an ability of potential improvement of their artistic expression.

The jury decision:
1. The jury decided unilaterally that the first residency shall go to Robert Gabris.
2. For the second residency position Małgorzata Mirga-Tas`s name was proposed. The Jury member delegated by ERIAC retired from the decision to avoid the conflict of interest between ERIAC management and the potential choosing of the applicant. ERIAC management did not participate in the independent jury decision – made by Angelika Stepken, director of Villa Romana, Maria Lind, curator, and Daniel Baker, artist, curator of FUTUROMA - on offering the second residency to Małgorzata Mirga-Tas. The second residency goes to Małgorzata Mirga-Tas.