22 Jun 2022

Shannon Bool, Villa Romana Fellow in 2013, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum

We congratulate Shannon Bool on her upcoming project at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum as part of Collection Satellite #8: Shannon Bool meets Otto Eckmann. Everything Created Now is the Style of Our Times

Location: Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Joseph-Beuys-Platz 1, 47798 Krefeld

The graphic artist, painter, and typographer Otto Eckmann (1865–1902) was an important Jugendstil designer and a key protagonist in the founding period of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum around 1900. The Kunstmuseen Krefeld own part of his estate, including approximately 250 sketchbooks, drawings, prints, and clothing fabrics, as well as designs for furniture and stained-glass windows. The Canadian artist Shannon Bool (b. 1972, lives in Berlin) will approach this important collection and develop her own works in confrontation with Eckmann’s oeuvre and person. For her works, Bool collages and superimposes motifs from tradition and modernity, from everyday culture, fashion design, and architecture. Ornament and modernist austerity, abstraction and figuration merge.

Curator: Magdalena Holzhey, Curator of Collections, Kunstmuseen Krefeld