02 Nov 2015

Photo Edition Villa Romana
Yann Monel

Jardin de la Villa Romana

Travail de jardinage de l'atelier le balto
Observation en décembre 2014

4 subjects, all numbered and signed:
1. L’oliveraie et le pin emprunté au voisin (Olive trees and pine tree on loan to a neighbour)
2. L’olivier-parasol (The olive tree parasol)
3. Le carré du Nouveau Jardin (The square of the New Garden)
4. Les cyprès remontés (The replanted cypresses)
format: 30 x 40 cm
limited edition: 10 copies
printed by Atelier Philippe Guilvard
pigment print on 310 g Vellum d’Arches paper
prices include shipment in Europe:
1 subject: 80 €
2 subjects: 150 €
3 subjects: 210 €
4 subjects: 260 €

Garten Villa Romana

Photographer Yann Monel is a gardener and the gardener Yann Monel is a photographer. For over 15 years, he has dedicated himself to the photographic images of those spaces, where he enters as if into a picture of the fourth dimension. “Complex works, places for contemplation and exaltation, gardens are temples in a picture that is optical from the start. In fact, they call it a mirror of water. (...) Spaces are like dream experiences in parentheses”. Y.M.

In 2008, landscape architects Marc Pouzol, Veronique Faucheur and Marc Vatinel – founders of the atelier le balto project in the year 2000 (Berlin, Le Havre) – began to resuscitate the garden of one and a half acres surrounding Villa Romana in Florence. This process of transformation is still ongoing today. The garden on Via Senese is a dynamic space for action and observation, movement and encounters.

In December 2014, Yann Monel followed the atelier le balto gardening actions organized in the Villa Romana park. The result was many photographs that are written in the geometry of space and, at the same time, they close up like surfaces. Now, Villa Romana has published a selection of four subjects in a limited edition of 10 prints for each subject, to share with friends of the garden, of Villa Romana and of photography.