22 Apr 2016

Refuge /Migration: Invitation to create an artists’ network

Mariechen Dannz

Courtesy Mariechen Danz

Nobody is a refuge by profession. Artists who had to leave their place of everyday life and work and who are now in a state of transition need to reconstruct their artistic practice in a maybe completely changed context. There is no system of assistance for such a difficult period in life - if we don’t create it.

Nobody even knows how many artists and from where reached Italy or another European country during the past years.

Friends in Germany started four months ago to build up a network – first of simple contacts, then of personal exchange and meetings in order to get to know each other and to understand better what is needed; in order to start a human and artistic network of cooperation between local / regional artists, those who just arrived and possible supporters.

We would like to extend this network without borders.

If you know an artist – visual artist, musician, writer, professional from theatre – who arrived in Italy for reasons of migrations please invite him to send us his / her facebook contact or email-address. If you are an artist yourself, please contact us.

Our email:

As soon as first contacts arrive, we will send a newsletter to everybody and initiate further dialogues.

Thanks a lot for your support and cooperation.
Looking forward to get to know new colleagues and learn more from them.

Angelika Stepken
Director Villa Romana

PS Villa Romana starts this initiative as a non-profit artists’ residency and center for contemporary art in Florence. Villa Romana’s purpose is to support contemporary artists since its foundation in 1905. Today our attention is not any more limited to a north-south perpective but interested in the Mediterranean art world in 360 degrees. As a German institution we are guests ourselves in Italy and – at the same time – in close contact with the German art world.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.