Johanna Bramble
Weaving is a Universal Language

The interview with Johanna Bramble was held during her stay at the Villa Romana in the course of the project SEEDS FOR FUTURE MEMORIES. Thirteen artists from Europe and Africa deal with the entanglements of both continents, and Senegal /Italy in particular, from different perspectives. The research project, which was conceived for a period of one year, will be accompanied on a blog. Results will be shown in exhibitions in Florence and Berlin in 2019.


Johanna Bramble (born 1976 in Paris, France) is a textile artist and designer who moved from France to Dakar, Senegal, more than ten years ago. She is the founder of a weaving workshop and of the brand Johanna Bramble Créations for interior design, accessories and collaborates with fashion designers. Her commercial textile designs are based on traditional Senegalese hand weaving practices. In her artistic work she stretches the boundaries of the country´s textile heritage, including modern materials and cross-cultural encounters. For Bramble, textiles are witnesses of the evolution of civilization, allowing us to glimpse unsuspected links between cultures. They free our minds of geographical and political borders. A feature about her work was presented on the international design platform Design Indaba (2017), she regularly shows her work at the Biennial Dak’Art in Dakar.