26 Sep                     31 Oct 2010

Disagreements /
Disaccordi Legali

a project curated by Matteo Cavalleri and Luisa Lorenza Corna for Millepiani

Piero Frassinelli /Superstudio, Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Bernard Khoury and Yasmine Almachnouk, Frauke Gerstenberg and Jan Liesegang /Raumlabor, Eva Sauer and Robert Pettena, Cartografia resistente, Brave New Alps, Lungomare /Osservatorio Urbano, Jan Van Eyck Academie design department (Jack Henry Fisher and Luisa Lorenza Corna)

installation view

The historical centre of Florence seems to be undergoing a frame-up within a strict set of rules which define the conduct of the people living, or just crossing, its spaces. Rules that perform a double function: on the one hand, they are directed at preserving a precious historical heritage, on the other, they represent the means of exercising a control on the public space, through emphasizing the purpose of preservation.

The historical centre of Florence is a space where rules and 
ordinances are enforced with a higher severity in comparison to other zones 
within the city. This leads to a governance discontinuity between contiguous 
zones, central and non-central, historical and non-historical.

The centre is 
simultaneously a place of inclusion and restriction: on the one hand, flows of visitors are welcomed and promoted, while on the other, the possibilities of moving 
and interacting with the territory are monitored and curbed. Borders do not lay
 at the margins but within it: boundaries become tangible immediately upon entering 
the central zone in the form of prescriptions and ordinances.

In defence of an apparent culture of decorum and against the danger of
degradation, the centre is affected every year by a series of new prohibitions:
against bivouac, against the possession of alcoholic beverages exceeding personal use, against begging, and most recently, "against the false-mimes... people with white tunics, head coverings and the face distorted by white wax".

These by laws are negative duties, enunciate against things, behaviours and 
situations, aimed to discipline the space of possibility. They are fragments
 of a method of government: a set of institutions, procedures, calculations and
tactics which find their essential technical tool in security devices.

What gestures of subversion are possible within such a constrained space?
What singular expressions of freedom can take place inside that strongly sterilized context?
Which kind of divergent forms of representation can wedge in the residual spaces that these policies necessarily produce?


15 – 25 September
Legislative (printed) layers, Luisa Lorenza Corna, Bianca Baldacci, 50 posters in town

22 September
Brave New Alps, Piazza del Mercato, Florence

25 September
Exhibition opening - Villa Romana
7 pm
Il salvataggio dei centri storici, Piero Frassinelli – Superstudio, Debora Minà
8 pm
Coro delle lamentele (8', 2008), Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, wiht START association, Florence
9.30 pm
Napoli Piazza Municipio (55', 2008). Bruno Oliviero in collaboration with Lab80 film

28 - 30 September
derive, in the city
organized by Cartografia Resistente

22 –23 October
Finissage – Villa Romana

22 October
6 pm
Contrasto, Eva Sauer and Robert Pettena
8 pm
Trail of the Spider (54', 2008), Anja Kirschner and David Panos

23 October
5 pm
Roundtable about Governance and Preservation
with Sandro Chignola (philosopher, Università di Padova), Laura Colini (town planner, Bauhaus-
Universität Weimar, Florence, Berlin), Paolo Cottino (town planner, Politecnico di Milano)
8 pm
9 pm
Live Media Set
OginoKnauss (Florence, Berlin)