22 May                     30 May 2014

La rumeur du monde

Giovanni Cioni

exhibition views

En vie et ou ça, 28 November, train Foligno-Florence

"In all films there are the films we have not made. Then there is life. Being alive, where. There is the world, the places of the world in which I have lived or passed through, the people I have met, with whom I have lived, which make up the film of my life. Not because my life is a film (in any case I would not know what name to give to a hypothetical film of my life, and perhaps I would make a musical comedy), but because I realize that making cinema is my attempt to experience the world, to reach it… to get inside la rumeur du monde." (Giovanni Cioni)

For the first time Villa Romana will host an exhibition-installation bringing together Giovanni Cioni’s feature-length films – which have won awards in international festivals – and the silent films to listen to. The series highlights the line of inquiry and the resources that give structure to film topographies, enable characters to approach narration and render visible a hidden reality.

Born in Paris, Giovanni Cioni lived for a long time in Brussels and for about ten years now has lived in the Mugello, near Florence. His films make up an extraordinary cinema of the real, giving voice to life stories which in turn create an unpredictable space. The director thus generates visions of a reality that the film alone renders as such and at once transforms.

La rumeur du monde is open daily from 2 pm, and is accompanied by readings and meetings. The feature-length films will be screened at 9.30 pm in the garden of Villa Romana, including two films which are receiving their preview in Florence, Gli Intrepidi (2012) and Nous Autres (2003). Giovanni Cioni will be present for the whole duration of the event.


Thursday, 22 May

8 pm


8.30 pm
Silvia Guasti

9 pm

9.30 pm
Nous Autres (2003), it., 72''

written with Nedjma Hadj
production: Qwazi qWazi filM, Iota Productions, Dito’Dito (Brussels)
cinema distribution in Belgium: CINELIBRE (December 2003)
Festivals: Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, international competition, Bilbao International Documentary Film Festival, international competition, Visions du Reel, Nyon, international competition, Rencontre de Douarnenez, Barcelona

Friday, 23 May

9.30 pm
In Purgatorio (2009), it., 69''
production: Teatri Uniti (Naples), Zeugma Films (Paris), Qwazi qWazi filM (Brussels)
Public audience prize at the 50th Festival dei Popoli, Florence, November 2020, Patrimoine de l’Immatériel prize, Cinéma du Réel, Paris, April 2010, FEMIS TITRA prize at Terra di Cinema, Tremblay, April 2010, special mention, Premio Casa Rossa, Bellaria Film Festival, June 2010, in the competition at the Salina Doc Festival, September 2010, in the competition at DOC IT Professional award, special mention, Memoria Visioni Fuori raccordo Film Festival, Rome, November 2010, Filmer à Tout Prix, Brussels, 2011

Saturday, 24 May

9.30 pm

Gli Intrepidi (2012), it. with engl. subtitles, 90''
production: Quarto Film (Milan), with RAI3 FUORIORARIO, RAI CINEMA and the TOSCANA FILM COMMISSION
preview at Cinema Corsaro, Giornate degli Autori, Venice Film Festival, September 2012, Filmmaker Festival, Milan, December 2012

Monday, 26 May

9.30 pm
Per Ulisse (2013), it. with fr. subtitles, 90''
production: Teatri Uniti (Naples), Zeugma film (Paris)
with the support of the Region of Tuscany Film Fund, of the Centre national de la cinématographie (Paris), of the Bourse Brouillons d’un reve de la SCAM (Paris), of DOC OUTLOOK – Visions du Réel
International competition prize and CGHomevideo-Italian cinema prize at the Festival dei Popoli, Florence, December 2013, special mention at the Cinema and Human Rights Festival, Naples, December 2013, Best Film at the Documentiamoci Film Festival, Ceccano, January 2014, in the international competition at Visions du Réel, Nyon, April 2013, Festival des cinémas des peuples Anuu-ruaboro, New Caledonia, November 2013, Etats généraux du cinéma documentaire, Lussas, Terra di Cinema, Tremblay, Paris, March 2014

Tuesday, 27 May

7 pm

Un atlante per Ulisse
Conversation with Silvio Grasselli (critic /cinematographer)

9.30 pm
Nous Autres

Wednesday, 28 May 28

9.30 pm

In Purgatorio

Thursday, 29 May

7 pm

Conversation with Paolo Russo (editor La Repubblica)

9.30 pm
Gli Intrepidi

Friday, 30 May

9.30 pm
Per Ulisse

The installation La rumeur du monde is the mise en espace of fragments from various pieces, reworked for the occasion. As if one can bring off-screens into the space, as if every film were the off-screen.

Rumeur du monde#1
A silent film to listen to, shot between Bombay and the dunes of the Belgian coast in the 1990s. Until the end, and then back to the beginning again. Until the end of a super8 reel, three minutes of taxi-scooter traveling in Bombay. Until the end, a man wakes up on a beach, in a silent film, as if everything is going to start.

Rumeur du monde#2
A man walks endlessly on the tracks. The world.
with Barbara Manzetti and Christian Olivier
La Menagerie de Verre (Paris), la Balsamine (Brussels), L’Usine (Geneva), Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, 2001, Situaciones, Cuenca, 2001

Prima di Napoli
Shot on 7 December 2009 for the project NAPOLI24, inspired by the dream of a Neapolitan friend. A motionless and dizzying view of time, 24 hours in the life of a city.
production: Teatri Uniti (Naples)

Témoins Lisbonne#1 (L'invisible)
Reconnoitring for a film for which I did not yet know the story, just the fact that I was in this city, Lisbon, and I was about to become a father. Perhaps that the film is only what remains – of the fact of being in Lisbon in August 2000. Fragments of stories, like voices that run through the crowd of passengers. Like messages in a bottle. The invisible – which might be the missing boy, might be the train murderer whose flight ended in Rossio Station, might be the person filming in this station.

Témoins Lisbonne#2
with Barbara Manzetti, Sofie Kokaj, David Nunez, Marion Gizard, Marta Wengorovius
production: Qwazi qWazi filM and Ou Nul Cinema, with the support of RE.AL (Lisbon)

Sans fin Tyresias
Three moments of a previously unseen work, made in the Paris Metro with Barbara Manzetti and Morad Ammar, reworked for the occasion to form a triptych. Three attempts to be in the world.

Relatos breves#3
Pieces for 6-piece ensemble by Juan Carlos Tolosa.

Free entrance