20 Mar 2019

Reading, film, conversation

Karolin Meunier

Wednesday, 20 March, 7pm

Reading by Karolin Meunier from A Commentary on "Vai Pure" by Carla Lonzi
Film screening of Scuola Senza Fine (Adriana Monti, 1983)

 3-Kanal-Video/Audio, 113 min

film still, Adriana Monti, Scuola Senza Fine, 1983

The material for the reading is provided by the transcriptions from a series of conversations with various individuals that were initiated by Karolin Meunier. The starting point for these conversations is the dialogue Vai Pure (Scritti di Rivolta Femminile, Milan 1980) between the Italian art critic and feminist Carla Lonzi and her partner, the sculptor Pietro Consagra. While conducting an ongoing reading and continuous translation from Italian into English, a new conversation emerges which comments on the original text and is equally reflective of the historical context for Lonzi’s book as its various modern interpretations.

The subsequent screening of the film Scuola Senza Fine (Neverending School, 1983, 40 min., IT) by Adriana Monti is an important reference point for this research. The documentation of a group of women telling their stories is akin to a form of listening. The film shows how the pedagogical experiment of the 150-hour courses in Italy impacted the lives of the participating women: The question of the representation of women in the teaching schedule became the question of their own representation (also see Cinenova Distribution).

Karolin Meunier is an artist and author living in Berlin. She teaches at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. Her performances, texts and video installations negotiate the linguistic incursion on experience through such cultural practices as processes of translation, conversations or learning techniques. The time she spent in Florence provided the basis for her book A Commentary on "Vai Pure" by Carla Lonzi, which will be published this autumn by b_books and Archive Books in Berlin.