19 May 2021


Full-blooded, full-throated: does culture protect us?
a dialogue with Fred Dewey's General Public - A Fable of Sanctuary

6 pm

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rosa murales

General Public / Town Hall Meeting, 22 October 2014
photographer unknown - for more info see here

Jeremiah Day is taking up a text by Fred Dewey about the Berlin self-organised cultural institution General Public. In the selforganised art spaces of post-wall Berlin, Dewey – Day's mentor and collaborator for over twenty years – finds a point of departure to re-frame the nature of cultural work. Copies of the publication General Public about the Berlin project room will be available for purchase at a discount price. More can be read about the publication here. Culture here actually becomes one of the methods available to us to protect ourselves in the contemporary world. Linking Steve Paxton, New Dance, and Judson Church to General Public and Berlin after the fall of the Wall, Dewey finds that the work of self-organised cultural spaces can indeed respond to what Paxton called the need for sanctuary. However this valorization of culture comes at a price, because as both Spider-Man and the French Revolutionaries used to say to themselves: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Fred Dewey has written widely and conducted working groups on Hannah Arendt across Europe. He directed the literary /arts center Beyond Baroque in LA from 1996 to 2010, helped place neighborhood councils in LA city law, and has collaborated with Jeremiah Day and, as a text artist, with Day and Simone Forti. He released the book School of Public Life (Doormats No. 4, ed. Errant Bodies).