01                     30 Jul 2021

Meetings, discussions and workshops

Villa Romana in collaboration with Casa del Popolo del Galluzzo

With more than 30 workshops and discussions, the second edition of Scuola Popolare invites people of all ages to participate. The topics are diverse: from wood workshops for children to food fermentation practices, from conversation on domestic violence to insights into the wool economy, from reflections on experimental pedagogy and relational art to collective exercises in orientation…
 The idea is to share time, experiences and knowledge in order to rethink structures and practices of our lives and to develop possible alternatives.

This year Scuola Popolare will take place in two different locations: Villa Romana artist's house and Casa del Popolo in Galluzzo, not too far from each other along Via Senese. Two venues that, from different perspectives, both share and foster the desire for a social culture of solidarity.
 All of the Scuola Popolare meetings are free of charge and will respect the current pandemic precautions. Come and be part of it!

All meetings listed on a green background take place in the garden of Villa Romana, those with a yellow background in the Circolo ARCI del Galluzzo. The event at the Recovery Plan in the city centre is marked in blue.
For detailed information on individual events please see or check our weekly newsletter on the Scuola Popolare.

Villa Romana, Via Senese 68, 50124 Florence

Casa del Popolo del Galluzzo - Circolo ARCI, Via Senese /corner of Via S. Francesco d'Assisi, 50124 Florence

Recovery Plan, Via San Gallo 53r, 50129 Florence

In September 2021 the second part of the project, Convisione_Fucina popolare di cultura contemporanea, will take place at the Casa del Popolo del Galluzzo, curated by Giacomo Zaganelli in collaboration with Angelika Stepken. The project will be realized together with Arci Firenze and Festival dei Popoli.

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