28 May                     05 Sep 2010

Sempre un inizio

Villa Romana in Florence: 105 Jahre Artists' House
CAMeC, La Spezia

exhibition view

The summer season of CAMeC is distinguished by its highly international flavour. Along with the monographic studies devoted to the German artist Diet Sayler and the La Spezia artist Marco Casentini, who now lives in California, in collaboration with the ACIT, Italian-German Cultural Association, with the support of the Goethe-Institut, the patronage of the German Consulate General in Milan and the contribution of the Province of La Spezia and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio della Spezia, the ground floor of the CAMeC hosts Villa Romana, the historic and prestigious artists’ residency. Since 1905, it has been welcoming authors of all backgrounds to Florence, allocating grants to representatives of German art and developing independent production by giving awards. Together with this illuminated work of private patronage, which is also open to the field of music, over the years this Florentine institution has been performing valuable work in the fields of recording and documentation, creating and developing a large collection thanks to the generosity of the artists, who have donated their work over time. On this occasion, for the first time in Italy, an exhibition will be held in La Spezia covering the entire history of the collection, from the beginning to today. It will feature works by Arnold Boecklin, Max Klinger, Horst Antes, Georg Baselitz, Anna Oppermann, A.R. Penck, and the last four fellowship holders (Anna Möller, Martin Pfeifle, Sebastian Dacey, and Anna Heidenhain), who will bring new works and create on-site installations.

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